Where "fghsgh" came from

Sometimes people ask me where my username comes from. I decided to, instead of telling them the story every time, probably forgetting some details and such... to just write it up completely once, and then send them here every time.

So... You might think this username I use, fghsgh, seems very arbitrary. And I can't say that it isn't, but well, all usernames are arbitrary, in the end. Maybe they have a story behind them, and fghsgh sure does as well. So, let me tell you this story. I can't say that it is interesting, but I like telling stories, so here you have it anyway.

The early days

This story starts in the era of flash games. Our classmates always used to play these at home, and during recess. It probably started in 3rd grade, and went on till 6th (after which we changed schools and we couldn't anymore). Anyway, I checked my email logs from back then (I was the annoying kid who would send emails to the entire class), and it seems to have happened in late 2011... Which makes sense. I was in 4th grade then, which is when we all, as a class, got Hotmail addresses. We went to a computer room at our local university and spent some time learning about email. So anyway, I was 9, had basically just gotten an email address, and was playing flash games.

One of these flash games was a game called Miami Shark. In this game, you're a shark swimming along the coast of Miami and you have to cause as much chaos and destruction as possible. This includes eating people, jumping on top of boats and breaking them, there were even airplanes and at the end there was also a chance of a UFO appearing... So anyway, I was fairly decent at this game, I got a score above 1M, and wanted to submit it to the leaderboards. My dad noticed and held me back from using my real name (thanks dad!). Instead, I just mashed my keyboard a bit and I ended up with "fgh". I'm sure you can see where that came from. On QWERTY (or AZERTY, which is what it was in this case, because, well, Belgium), the keys are on one line. F-G-H are also sequential in the alphabet, which, if you look a bit into the history of where QWERTY comes from, isn't too surprising.

So now that I had this name for myself, I used it several times to submit my top scores. That's where it started.

The second part

We have this museum-ish thing called Technopolis. No, it's not really a museum, more like a technology exposition. It's pretty interesting to go to as a kid. So anyway, around this time, they had an exposition about love. I looked a bit on the Wayback Machine and found it mentioned on their site (it's the "Ik ben op jou" thing, which by the way, also had its own website). It's from approximately the same time, so I'm pretty sure my memory is accurate in that regard. So this workshop... It was teaching kids in a way that's appropriate for their age about, well, human reproduction and such. Anyway, they had one of these workshops, which wasn't really a workshop I guess... It was one of those locked down computers with a trackball. You could type in your and your lover's name, and it'd print out a story with these two as characters, with some kind of question at the end to "test your love" (hey it's for little kids this was exciting okay). So anyway, my dad was paranoid about my name being added to their database or something, so he suggested I use fgh again. Now I also needed a second name, for my "lover". For some reason I thought S seemed like a "feminine" letter, so I used sgh. So now it printed out a story about fgh and sgh having some kind of journey and having their love tested. (By the way, there were several stories it could print, and I made it print all of them, so sorry... Technopolis... Guess you can't do anything to me now. :p)

An actual username

A bit later, I wanted to set up an account on spel.nl, the Dutch translation of agame.com... Both of these sites seem to be broken now, but it used to look like this. It seems their account creation page is broken now, sadly. I tried to use fgh again, but it complained that my username was too short. It had to be either 5 or 6 characters, I forget which. So then, I decided to stick together fgh and sgh and that's how fghsgh was born. This happened on the 13th of April, 2012, at 15:58 CEST (at least, that's what my old emails said).

More services

A bit later, I wanted to set up a Gmail. I don't think there was a reason for it? I just wanted a Gmail, pretty much. Sadly though, fghsgh@gmail.com was taken. So I couldn't use that. Instead, I went with brobrub. Because it's random, and who cares? Well... I care now. It is currently my main email (I fully switched to Gmail when Hotmail became Outlook) and having a less questionable email address would have been convenient at times. This is why my YouTube channel was called Brobrub at first too, but it turned out I could change that, so that's great. Some other services that I wanted to create an account on but where fghsgh was taken include Skype, Twitter, Reddit, and several others. How do so many people end up with such a random mess of characters as their username? Especially when there is someone out there who would like it as their actual username?


During the COVID-19 pandemic I became active on this forum about calculator programming, Cemetech, and especially on their Discord server. This was the first time that I was directly communicating with others under this username, and I've gotten two questions surrounding this name. First, where it comes from (hence this page), and second, how to pronounce it. I didn't really have a pronunciation for it, I guess. It was just a jumble of letters that could grab my attention when written down, similarly to how you would look up when someone called your real name. I guess I pronounced it "eff gee aitch ess gee aitch", but it didn't really matter to me. But then other people asked and I decided it would be fun to care. During one of the voice calls (called HCWP), people were discussing this and someone suggested "fugsug". I don't know who it was anymore, because it was a voice call, but it stuck. Eventually it even became the most popular unofficial way to pronounce it. Then one day, iPhoenix said:

...and this happened around the time that I was looking for a name for my fursona, so that's how that came to be as well.

Well, that was the story, I guess. Not too interesting of course, but thanks for reading anyway!